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Tasmanian Devil Silver Footprint Earrings – Bushprints

Tasmanian Devil Silver Footprint Earrings, Bushprints Jewllery

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Bushprints Sterling Silver Tasmanian Devil Footprints Earrings

These inspirational Tassie Devil footprints are cut out of solid sterling silver. For Gary, the maker, quality is the prime consideration and all pieces are carefully hand-finished, giving a fantastic lustre.

They are beautifully gift-boxed and in stock now. Price includes postage within Australia.

 If you are interested in the same range in 9ct yellow gold  ask for quote

 The Tasmanian Devil Tassie Devils were nearly hunted to extinction in the early 20th century. Today they face the same fate, as they are rapidly being wiped out due to Devil Facial Tumour disease, a rare form of cancer passed from one devil to another when they bite each other. Devils are nocturnal, and are scavengers which means they eat everything  hair, bones, the lot! They have about 2 to 3 joeys, and when under stress release a foul odour.