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Wombat Pendant & Necklace Allegria

Wombat Pendant and Necklace Allegria

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Allegria Designs Wombat Pendant on Necklace

Height 18 mm x 22mm wide

These pendants stylise some of the well known icons of Australia, a country rich in flora, fauna and interesting locations. The pendants are sculptured from silver plated pewter that has been oxidised and buffed to obtain a contemporary, antique look. The pendant comes in a branded gift box with a stainless steel snake chain, 45cm long. There are also matching earrings & pin in our wicked Wildlife Jewellery section. Other Pendants available on special order are Dragonfly, Butterfly, Brumby, Whale tail, Whale, Gecko, Tree frog, Ulysses Butterfly, Humpback whale, Tasmanian Devil, Booook Owl, Please email if you would like us to get one of these in for you.